Thursday, March 17, 2016

Benefits of Responsive Web Design written by: risikanta

The increasing use of the mobile computing devices like tablets and Smartphone the web designers are compelled to design websites compatible to these mobile devices. In fact the strategies traditionally used by the web designers while designing a website for desktops and laptops are not feasible with these mobile devices. Several things have changed in both the versions like Click has been replaced with Touch and pixel resolution and the size of screen has largely changed. All these factors have made it crucial to develop responsive website designs. Before proceeding to know the benefits of this unique web design you must know what it is? 
What is Responsive Web Design? 
A web design can be said responsive if it can provide the best experience to its viewers while reading its content with minimum panning, scrolling and resizing on various types of mobile as well as static computing devices, by designing and coding the website accordingly. The designers have to ensure the self-re-adjustment of screen layout, navigation elements, audio/video players, images, text and other user interface on various devices as per their need. They can use HTML and CSS to hide, resize, move, enlarge or shrink the content of the website to make it compatible to any screen. 
Advantages of Responsive Design 
More flexibility: The content of a responsive website design can be used flexibly on all the devices regardless of their screen size and resolution. The images and text content of these websites spread all over on the allotted space by the screen of your device like a fluid spreads on a given space, without affecting its appearance.  
Superb experience for the users: A web design is responsive if its content enables its visitors to get the content of the website anytime and anywhere on the device of their choice. In this way such website offers the best experience to the users regardless of the type of devices they are using to view it without resizing or scrolling its content. 
Inexpensive marketing option: The website owner need not spend on two types of website as a responsive website design created by using HTML and CSS can be accessed by all types of devices without any problem. He can sell his products and services online in a cost effective manner. 
Recommended by major search engines: Major search engines like Google etc. also support web designs which can be configured through any device types. Such websites make it easy for the search engines while indexing and organizing them on search result pages.  
Easy to manage: It is easy to manage one website than two, one for desktops and other for mobile devices. You need not engage a separate SEO professional for managing responsive website design and its desktop version. In this way having a responsive website also reduces the cost of marketing a business. Only one SEO campaign can help in optimizing the keywords of the website which can be searched through all types of devices including smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  
Thus a responsive website design has a number of benefits not only for the users but also for the website owners.