Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello again, I just had a conversation with Brother Greg today and we discussed his membership in one of the Social Networking Sites. I found it to be pretty amazing that he is finally getting involved with networking and also the internet. You see my brother is only interested in the Pittsburgh Steelers and BBQ; he spends most of his time talking about football or cooking. To have a conversation about something like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, was a bit strange. Greg now even has his own website This website was designed with WebSite Tonight, one of the easy to use tools on my website

I now have many friends that are getting into the Online Business as compared to Storefronts. Online Businesses give you the ability to work from home and avoid a lot of the cost associated with starting a Storefront business. Think about something you enjoy and would like to spend more time doing then try to come up with a way to turn this idea into a business that can be done at home and online. I think that most people will find that there are many businesses that can be ran from the comfort of their own home just like the web sites that I run from home. I now even offer a Domain & Hosting Reseller Plan if you are looking for an Online Business that is already set up with a web site and ready to start making money for you today.

I have a friend that is now doing YouTube videos,; this web site was also built with WebSite Tonight and was one of the free products that he received when he purchased a domain name thru I want to see as many people as possible get going with a business that they can run online, so I am offering free hosting, free email account, free blog, free website builder, and over $141.00 in free extras for everyone that buys a domain name from

If you have an idea for a business or know someone who may be thinking of a business to run online, the time is now to act. With all of the Social Networking Sites that most people already have memberships to, there is a potential for unlimited traffic to your website.


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