Thursday, August 6, 2015

Web Design

Website design involves planning, developing and updating website. In addition, website design deals with website structure, information architecture, navigation ergonomics, user interface, website layout, fonts, pictures, color, contrasts and icon design. When designing a website, you should make sure that the website is user friendly. Web designers need to ensure that the website content can be understood by users. This will depend on the ability of the user to know how the website works. This involves user experience design and interactive design of your site.
After making your website, you can choose a domain name. Remember, computers communicate by using IP addresses. Domain names are used for identification and define control within the internet. In most cases, domain names are created by regulations and procedures of DNS. If the domain is registered in Domain Name System (DNS), then it is a domain name. 
If you have a website and registered domain name, you can take advantage of the affordable and reputable website hosting. Web host will help you make your website visible or available on the internet. In order to make the website visible on the internet, you have to store it on a web server. Note that web server refers to a computer on which the contents of your website are stored. Once you purchase the space on web server, you can store your Web Pages and your website becomes hosted and visible as well.
Social media integration on your website is inevitable since you have to market your site. It is worth noting that social media can increase popularity of your site to enhance your online brand. In addition, social media can help boost your website traffic. As a result, social media integration on your site can boost your social media availability and visibility as well. There are various ways to integrate social media include use of social videos, Instagram photos, and more.

written by: Slam2b