Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I spoke with a customer regarding a new website design strategy and the main topic was integrating his social media into the new website. The customer has many Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, and other social media contacts. We decided on a design that would include new themes to match his website, along with various social media links, and widgets to add to the new website.
Since the customer already had thousands of contacts thru social media, it made getting his new website out in front of his customers a lot faster. He had response immediately to the various post on social media regarding his new website. Now he is bringing in new customers to his online business from friends and contacts that he already had on his social media accounts.

Everyone knows that when you get a new website that it takes time to generate organic traffic. Well you should introduce you online business to you friends thru social media while you wait for organic traffic to start rolling in. You will be surprised at the amount of traffic that your new website will get and your sales should start to come in faster.