Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Advantages of a Good Blog Design written by: Alicechep

They say content is king during blog design but research has shown that a well designed blog has more visitors than a poorly designed one. Many marketers are often oblivious of the importance of a good design thinking that what they put on the blog is what matters more. So is it really that important to put a lot of effort on blog design? The answer to this question is a big “YES!” Here is why:

It is your first impression: You know as well as I do that first impressions last. Blogging represents who you are and what you stand for therefore, a good design sets the tone and gives readers a picture of you. Be very conscious about what you say during the design and feel free to bring in your creativity. If your blog is all about fun, design your blog in a way that screams fun, the moment readers click on the link.

It makes your blog easy to follow: People are likely to share content that is easily shareable. A good design incorporates this idea and gives your readers convenience during subscription, following and liking the blog. Professional designers ensure that these items appear at the top of the page so that it becomes easy to follow. 

It solves the problem of disorganization: Many bloggers out there have disorganized blogs with sidebar items that are all over the place. For instance, some blog set ups have social media icons in different places, or links to a number of sites also scattered all over. You should ensure that items of the same category are located in one area. If you have previous blog posts, arrange them neatly near each other to allow for easy navigation.

It improves the general appearance of your blog: A stark and cluttered blog does a good job in discouraging readers from your blog. You have to make sure that the design is attractive to the human eye. One of the ways to ensure that this happens is to basically analyze the blog with your objective eye. You could go ahead and ask a friend or family member to do it for you. Some of the blog design issues include fonts and colors, navigation bars and the general cleanliness of your headers, backgrounds and embellishments. Watch out not to overwhelm readers before they even read anything!

It increases traffic: It may sound incorrect since content is what is supposed to increase traffic but it is still a fact. Blog websites with great, easy to follow and well illustrated content stand out from the crowd. People do not enjoy reading overcrowded blogs that seem to have no clarity and use of catchy and creative design concepts. In order to truly have people click on your blog the first chance they get, pay more attention to the design process. This of course doesn’t negate the importance of good content. To enhance traffic, you should give your readers a reason to share your blog widely thus the reason for good content.

Professional designers have the skill and expertise in blog and website design and are likely to give you a good product. You may have to spare a few bucks but the rewards are totally worth it.