Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Business Websites

New Business Websites

Hello Friends, I want to take a moment to tell you about recent conversations that I had with an associate wanting to start a new online business. The first thing that I asked him was what he wanted to do, or what type of business he wanted to start. I was not surprised when he told me that he had no idea, but was open to some suggestions. I’ve found out that the reason most new online businesses fail is because the owner was never passionate about the business from the beginning.

If you want to succeed online you must have a business plan just like you would for any business start up. A new business website needs to be well thought out and planned before you begin the design. You will need to know about your potential customers as well as your competition, advertising cost, website hosting, website design, domain name, logo, merchant accounts, and many other marketing tools will be needed. You can go out and locate an existing product to sell or you can create your own.

EBooks are easy to create and if you have something that people are willing to pay for, an eBook is a very good way to get started in an online business. Once you have found a topic for you eBook and created it, then you can start the process of getting it to your target audience. The key word is target audience, and by this I mean the people who are most likely to be interested enough to purchase your eBook. You must decide the people that you want to target and where you can best locate them online.

This is just one idea for a new online business and there are so many other ideas that you can come up with if you really take the time to plan your business. There were 47 million websites added in 2009 and I would guarantee you that of those 47 million very few of them are up and running today. Take a few days to search the internet for ideas for your new business then visit to get the cost of your website tools. You can be up and running online in no time at all. WorldSubmits has tools for you to create your own website with Website Tonight or the Dream Design Team can build it for you.

I have a few friends that are experiencing great success online and they are doing it with the help or

If you are in the market for a new website, make sure that you do your homework first; you will find a lot of Web Hosting Companies online. There is always promises of great services and prices, but most important is do they offer what you need for your website and do they have good customer service. It's your time and money so make sure you spend it wisely.